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Friends Only

This journal is Friends Only, due to harassment issues I've had in the past. Please don't be shy to leave me a comment, though. I'm always happy to make new dolly friends! <3
If you want to see some of my pictures, check out:
My Doll Tumblr
I post most of my favorite pictures there, but there's plenty more to be seen in this journal, like pic-fics, full photoshoots, and all sorts of fun doll-related rambling.
This journal was formerly "charmed_dolls". If I lost touch with you after my journal name-change, please feel free to leave me a comment and I'll add you back. :-)

Pic of the Day: October 31st

A "cast photo" of sorts from the pic-fic.Collapse )

It's so painful to think that this is the last day of October. I really don't know where it went this year. I mean, it always seems to fly by, but this year was the fastest ever. I never even felt like I really got in the "habit" of posting a picture every day either. Usually after the first week or so it becomes routine, but there were quite a few times this year where I nearly forgot.

As usual, I'd like to thank siriusly_toys for sticking it out with me for yet another year, and anyone else who may be reading this for following along. :-)

Happy Halloween. I hope everyone has an amazing day.

***Halloween Pic-Fic 2015*** The Summoning

Happy Halloween everyone! I'm so excited to share this year's pic-fic...Even if I can't believe it's here already!

It all begins on a sunny Halloween morning...Collapse )

This was definitely one of the most fun pic-fics I've ever done. I hope everyone enjoys it! Back in a bit with the final (I can't believe it!) Pic of the Day for this year.

Pic of the Day: October 30th

I think Cora might be in the most pictures this month...Collapse )

I really can't believe tomorrow is Halloween already. Where did the month go? Heck, where did the year between last Halloween and now go?! It's been a fast one...but it sure has been great.

Pic of the Day: October 29th

Always gotta have Louki.Collapse )

I'll try to catch up on comments later. Just been feeling overwhelmed lately.

Pic of the Day: October 24th

Wonderland vibes.Collapse )

In pic-fic news, I think I'm pretty much done shooting, unless I want to go back and add anything to it. The main part of the story is done. I just need to number the pictures and start working out some dialogue. I had loads of fun with it, though.