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The Doll House Beyond the Pumpkin Patch

Katie Pumpkinhead's Doll Collection

Katie and All Her Dolls
I'm Katie, known around the internet as "Katie Pumpkinhead", a doll collector who celebrates Halloween year-round!
Here you'll find photoshoots, pic-fics, and dolly ramblings of just about every sort.
I mainly collect Wilde Imagination dolls, and they tend to get the most attention, but I also collect and post about Pullips, Monster High, Ever After High, custom dolls I find around the internet, and anything else that catches my eye.
A lot of my pictures/pic-fics have some sort of Halloween flair to them, and this journal is also home to the October Pic-of-the-Day Challenge, a 31 day extravaganza of autumn/Halloween pictures every October.
This journal is Friends Only due to harassment issues I've had in the past, but I'm not picky about who add as long as you're a doll-lover as well...or just enjoy looking at doll pictures. :-)
If you want to see some of my pictures before adding me, check out My Doll Tumblr.
You'll also find some doll pictures on My Instagram.